This guy, Mark Arenz, is a writer, editor & developer based in Indianapolis, IN with clients around the world.

Everything from apps for iPhone & iPad, web projects of all sizes and, of course, Flash games – Mark makes stuff.

Crazy Fruit Song music video

"The Crazy Fruit Song" is from an iPad pop-up book I did recently for Pickled Productions. To help promote the book, Brad Daberko asked me to put together a music video using some of the graphic elements from the book. The results are just as fun as the process of making it. My fruit is crazy, crazy.

Client: Pickled Productions
Collaborators: Chopic - Illustrations
Timeframe: March 2014
Keywords: fruit /book /educational


A game for iPad and iPhone that turns the grid-and-tile genre on it's head- literally! Well, that's probably a misuse of the term, but get the idea. Instead of touching the tiles directly, you turn the board to cause them to slide around. Move them onto the corresponding targets to clear the board. Capture bonuses and letters in F-L-I-P for huge bonuses. There's no countdown clock so take your time and relax if you want or burn through the levels like a crazy person. It's up to you.

Client: Mark Arenz
Timeframe: February 2014
Keywords: game /ios

A-Mazing Adventure

Merry Christmas (a few weeks early) from your pals at Bennett Innovations! This year's game is an epic adventure in which the BI staff helps you navigate the "maze" of media production.

The style is reminiscent of my game "Legend of the Pointy Stick" from a few years ago but the engine was rebuilt from scratch in HTML5. It reminds me of my favorite (slightly updated) Henny Youngman joke: "I just ported this game from Flash to HTML5 and boy are my fingers tired!"

Client: Bennett Innovations
Collaborators: Aaron Deal - design Greg McGuirk - music
Timeframe: December 2013