A game for iPad and iPhone that turns the grid-and-tile genre on it's head- literally! Well, that's probably a misuse of the term, but get the idea. Instead of touching the tiles directly, you turn the board to cause them to slide around. Move them onto the corresponding targets to clear the board. Capture bonuses and letters in F-L-I-P for huge bonuses. There's no countdown clock so take your time and relax if you want or burn through the levels like a crazy person. It's up to you.

Client: Mark Arenz
Timeframe: February 2014
Keywords: game /ios

O Tannenbaum

Here's a holiday treat from 2009, a holiday-themed platform-jumper created for both Flash and iPhone to celebrate the season on the company's 25th anniversary.

Players run and jump on their way to the top of various Christmas trees as employees taunt them and throw ornaments.

Client: Bennett Innovations
Collaborators: Jeremy Albert: Artwork, Greg McGuirk: Music
Timeframe: December 2009
Keywords: game

Time Tornado

In Time Tornado, the events of history have been mixed up, and it's your job to put them back in order.

Don't worry if you think your knowledge of history isn't up to snuff. You don't have to know exactly when something happened- just whether it happened before or after the other items on the list. It's easy at first but gets tougher and faster as the game progresses. How many rounds can you go?

Timeframe: October 2009
Keywords: game

Flicky Football

My first foray into the iOS world, this iPhone paper football game is fairly simple but still a lot of fun to play.

Flick the ball down the field for a touchdown and go for the extra point. First to 21 wins the game. Single player and multi-player modes available.

Timeframe: August 2009
Keywords: game

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